Bra Fit Tips

rago-rago-open-bottom-corselette-9357Elisabeth Dale wrote a piece on bra fitting specifically for crossdressers on The Breast Life!
Her blog is a great source of information for breasts and bras and does a great job of expanding her perspective to reach those of us with unique needs and experiences regarding these topics. It’s also great to see her recommending my personal favorite brand – Rago!

This image is of the beautiful and super supportive Rago style 9357 corselette. It pulls in the waist and smoothes out curves into a perfectly feminine silhouette.


Read the bra fitting tips here:

“It’s not just women who struggle with finding the perfect bra. Men who develop breasts (a condition known as gynecomastia), also deal with the challenges of bra fitAnd crossdressers have an even more unique dilemma: they create the volume of their bra cups.”

Getting Your Best Body Back.

Getting back to feeling drop-dead gorgeous like you did when you were in the best shape of your life really takes nothing but the right foundation garments! In the 60s, foundations garments were all the rage to create that irresistible hourglass figure. All women, not only Hollywood stars, would take advantage of the contouring abilities of shapewear to look and feel flawless.

Getting The Right Support.


Jessica felt more confident in her gorgeous leopard print dress with the support of an American Shapewear girdle!

“The shaping undergarment is comfortable, so pretty, and it fits like it was tailored to me. Thank you so much for helping me finally be able to wear this cute dress and look great in photos!” – Jessica


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